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From October 2024 to October 2025

This research stream intends to investigate older people’s everyday life practices of digital public service (DPS) use, by collecting and analysing data of the fifth wave of the qualitative Longitudinal Study on Older People’s Quality of Life during the Covid-19 pandemic (ILQA-19).

The objectives of this study are to: 1) explore older people’s representations of, experiences with, and expectations on the ongoing digitalisation of public services, 2) investigate older people’s opinions and experiences on the support received, needed, provided for when using DPS, and 3) to disentangle any gender-related patterns emerging from older people’s narratives.

Research Stream Leader: Prof. Emanuela Sala

Team Members: Dr. Simone Carlo, Dr. Emma Garavaglia, Prof. Elisabetta Ruspini, Post-doctoral fellow (TBH)

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