Ageing Societies is an interdisciplinary research group which studies population ageing, active ageing, and the opportunities and challenges for older adults brought about by the increasingly important role of digital technologies in contemporary western societies. 

The group was established in 2017, combining the research interests of Professor Emanuela Sala (expert in methodology of social research), Dr. Emma Garavaglia (expert in active ageing), Dr. Daniele Zaccaria (expert in social exclusion in old age), and Professor Alessandro Caliandro (expert in digital media).

Nowadays, ageing societies is a multi-disciplinary research group composed of sociologists, experts in digital studies, gerontologists, neuropsychologists, and methodologists of (qualitative and quantitative) social research, affiliated to various prestigious national and international institutions and research centers. 

Since 2017, researchers belonging to the Ageing Societies group have collaborated on the following research projects: Ageing in a Networked Society. Older people, social networks, and wellbeing (NETWORKED), ACTIVE ageing in changing societies. Older people’s social and digital resources in pandemic and post-pandemic ITaly (ACTIVE-IT), and Ageing in a DIGITAL world. A study on multiple dimensions of inequality, in old AGE (DIGITAL-AGE).

The Ageing Society research group collaborates with national and international research networks, such as, for example, the Socio-gerontechnology Network. Also, the Ageing Socities team work in synergy with external scholars to foster ageing research and contribute to the fight of ageism. For example, Dr. Emma Garavaglia studies social exclusion and discrimination (including ageism) in digital data extraction and exploitation within the resaerch stream Surveillance capitalism, social exclusion and discrimination of the project V-Data.