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From April 2024 to October 2024

The overall aim of this research stream is to investigate older men and women’s representation(s) in the public discourse on digital public service use, by performing a critical qualitative analysis of the digital policy programs at European, Italian, and regional level. 

Specifically, we intend to 1) investigate older people’s representation(s) in the digital policy programmes, paying specific attention to ageist narrations, 2) explore policy makers’ awareness of both challenges and opportunities of the digitalisation of public services in older people’s lives, considering old age diversity (e.g. gender differences in ICT use), 3) understand the role that European, national and regional institutions play in making DPS accessible to older people, 4)  investigate whether and to what extent issues of digital inclusion in older age are articulated differently, at different government levels (European, national, regional level), 5) explore changes over time in older people’s representation(s), policy makers’ awareness, and the role of European, national and regional institutions in the digital policy programmes.

Research Stream Leader: Dr. Emma Garavaglia

Team Members: Dr. Simone Carlo, Prof. Elisabetta Ruspini, Tiziana Tesauro, Post-doctoral fellow (TBH)

Consult the profiles of team members here