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From March 2023 to February 2024

The main objective of Research Stream 3 is to analyse the interrelation between digital inequalities and working experiences, of pre-senior (55-65) and senior (65+) workers, in the Milanese metropolitan area. We will explore challenges faced, opportunity arose, and the resources enacted by workers in the transition from physical work to remote work/hybrid-work, during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. We will explore whether this transition has been perceived as more challenging for less technologically savvy senior workers (and, vice versa, less challenging for more technologically savvy senior workers) and how and whether employers and local governments have perceived workers’ challenges and addressed workers’ needs. Also, we aim to deepen our understanding on how social capital inequalities may have amplified the effect of digital inequalities on the working activities of older adults. As social distancing measures have likely modified the work routine, affected work-life balance, and impacted on the provision (and receipt) of care, a gender perspective will be adopted. In order to address these research needs we will collect first-hand data through qualitative interviews (with workers and expert witnesses) and adopt visual methods (i.e. photographs obtained by the participant-generated image technique)

Research Stream Leader: Dr. Annalisa Dordoni

Team Members: Dr. Alessandra Gaia, Dr. Anne-Iris Romens, Prof. Valentina Pacetti

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