From May 2022 to May 2025

The Knowledge transfer overall aim is to foster discussion on active ageing in a changing society, ultimately supporting the design of policy interventions to promote older people’s social inclusion. Specifically, we aim to provide policy makers with sound empirical evidence on active ageing in a societal context that is currently subject to abrupt structural changes (e.g. the increasing digitalisation of social relationships and public services). In addition, we intend to spread the knowledge achieved and exploit research findings, both within the academic community as well as to the interested stakeholders engaged – at different levels – with active ageing, and the general public. 

Leader: Dr. Alessandra Gaia

Team Members: Prof. Emanuela Sala, Dr. Federica Cretazzo, Prof. Elisabetta Ruspini, Dr. Cristina Incoronata Quartararo, Ekaterina Koghergina, Dr. Giulia Melis, Dr. Carlo Simone, Dr. Sara Nanetti, Prof. Alessandro Caliandro, Prof. Stefano Cavalli, Dr. Barbara Masotti

Consult the profiles of team members here