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From May 2022 to May 2024

The main objective the Research Stream is to longitudinally investigate the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak on older people’s everyday life practices, exploring the resources enacted to react to the challenges brought about by the health emergency. Similar to Research Stream 1, a part of the analysis shall focus specifically on gender differences. We shall collect and analyse wave 3-4 data of the qualitative Longitudinal Study on Older People’s Quality of Life during the Covid-19 pandemic (ILQA-19). ILQA-19 is carried out in a rural area of Lombardia, i.e., 10 villages of the Lodi province that were subject to the first lockdown in Europe; wave 1 and 2 data collection was funded by the previous Foundation Cariplo grant, under project Ageing in a Networked Society

Research Stream Leader: Dr. Carlo Simone

Team Members: Prof. Elisabetta Ruspini, Dr. Cristina Incoronata Quartararo, Dr. Giulia Melis, Dr. Emma Garavaglia, Dr. Sara Nanetti, Dr. Daniele Zaccaria, Dr. Francesco Diodati

Consult the profiles of team members here